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Interrail 2023

When you travel Europe by train, you’ll discover that it’s a fascinating continent. It offers many different cultures, wonderful scenery, and world-renowned cities like the previously known Trans Europ Express TEE. All of this is well-connected by rail 7 days in one month with a digital global pass. Here’s my experience in four countries: FirstContinue reading “Interrail 2023”

Air Distance and Bearing

As part of a unit on Trigonometry, we review compass and true bearings before working with bearings in Trigonometry problems.To start this review lesson, we looked at some images from Google Earth. It is very important in aviation to have knowledge of the nearby airports at any time in flight. The task is the following:Continue reading “Air Distance and Bearing”

Super Solar Plant

A solar power plant is an arrangement of various solar components including solar panel to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter to convert the electricity from DC to AC while also monitoring the system, solar batteries and other solar accessories to set up a working system. Solar Power Plant – anContinue reading “Super Solar Plant”

Data Science Workshop

Data Science Workshop v. 28.5.2018, 13-15:30 pm Agenda: Introduction to TensorFlow and Scikit Learn We showed 4 building blocks and 8 discussion topics: Introduction (till slide 38) Methodology Practical Approach C:\maXbox\mX46210\DataScience\confusionlist\ : X:\1_Public\Documents\Data Science Workshops Best Introduction as Ranking Topics Discussion: Topics: – CaseCrunch UseCase – Start Values for Weights – How toContinue reading “Data Science Workshop”

For Leisel

The main tourist attraction is the Abbey of Saint Gall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Abbey’s (Stiftskirche) renowned library contains books from the 9th century. The official language of St. Gallen is (the Swiss variety of Standard) German, but the main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect (Erdbeertörtle). TEE-TimeContinue reading “For Leisel”

Duesseldorf EKON 25

EKON 25 is the most traditional Delphi conference and offers a deep dive for the modern developer and architect aiming to transform technologies into valuable business solutions. We always focus on the big picture: Delphi innovations, Cross platforms, IoT, Data Bases, Frameworks, Tools, Delphi fundamentals, Web, maXbox and Cloud technologies, as well as professional insightsContinue reading “Duesseldorf EKON 25”

Improver 4

The Improver is a culture concept to improve our life with picture, text and sound. All songs you can find at: Play the tunes Beat the Blues 2. Play Chess: 3. Cary Copper (White magic): 4. Eat Garlic (NowAge) 5. Exerce de Meditation 6. Practise running (Japan) 7. Bett von Nord nach SüdContinue reading “Improver 4”